Lesson 2 Post Quiz: How Much Did I Learn?

This short quiz is similar to the pre-quiz you took at the start of the lesson. It includes some additional questions to provide you with feedback on how much of the material you learned.

Please complete it without looking at your notes or workbook - this will force you to retrieve information. Remember retrieval practice, the attempt to "pull information out" is an important strategy for learning. Even when you miss a question, (which of course you won't) you are strengthening connections in your brain - this means you are still learning. This is one of the reasons why we want you to emphasize to your kids that making small mistakes is good for learning.

The benefit to you of this quiz is twofold - you get immediate feedback on how much you learned, and you discover any gaps in your knowledge, so you can go back and get the correct information. We'll keep reminding you in this course that tests are great learning tools.

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